Women and Self-Care in Relationships

women Women are nurturers by nature.  We value and strive for connectedness to others - our spouse/partner, our children, our families, our women friends - and we thrive on feelings of love that are returned by those important others in our lives.  We love to be loved by everyone.  Women often define themselves by how happy they make others, but they do not pay attention to whether they are happy with themselves. 

But women are often conditioned from childhood to believe they must 'earn' love by being agreeable and giving - in short, to be "good girls" - and therein lies the dilemma: defining oneself as an individual is critical to the development of healthy self-confidence!  Things can be confusing at times when being true to ourselves means respectfully disagreeing with someone we love.

The "Dance of Anger" that we all experience from time to time can be a sign that something is out-of-balance in our personal relationships.  If this sounds familiar, call us, we'd love love to help.  At The Solution Center, we strive to help women learn how to practice HEALTHY SELF CARE as they move toward satisfying relationships with others.  Through communication skills building, we help many women restore greater balance to their relationships and to life.