Couples Therapy


Life is all about relationships.  We shape them, and they shape us. They touch us to our very core!

But, finding a well-qualified marriage or relationship counselor - especially one who is 'marriage friendly' when your relationship is suffering! -  is very difficult. Many therapists and counselors lack specialized training and experience in working with couples and, as a result, couples often experience marriage therapy as lukewarm in supporting life-long commitment.

Dr. Schuster is a NY Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as a NY therapist with the highest 'R' experience level.  She is also a member of The Marriage Friendly Therapists, a highly trained and credentialed organization dedicated to helping relationships succeed. Her work focuses on enriching lives by building connections to others .  Her approach is practical and direct; it focuses on improving skills in communication and helping to identify and resolve underlying issues.

Divorce, children, remarriage and stepfamilies are special areas of interest.  Dr. Schuster and The Solution Center professionals provide support to the whole family at these critical periods of transition.