The Gottman Method: A Marriage Intensive Alternative

Have you lost intimacy and communication within your marriage?  Have you lost any sense of hope and are in despair over its success?  Are you looking for a way out?

Many clients are in great distress over a very intense conflict situation in their partnership.  The cause is often an infidelity, a threat of separation or divorce or even a long-standing dissention that was never resolved.  In these times of crisis, help is needed - and fast!   This is when Intensive Marital Intervention might provide the needed momentum for the changes you both desire.

Dr. Schuster is a NY Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Gottman-trained specialist* (John Gottman).  Utilizing his research-based approach to relationships, she will work with you on four major emotional reactions that are destructive to a relationship and can predict divorce.

Intensive Marital Intervention  is a 10- to 12-hour workshop for those at an acute, critical phase of their marriage, offering an opportunity to radically jumpstart changes within the relationship and reverse negative behaviors contributing to the conflict.

Intensive Marital Intervention doesn’t offer a quick “patch” to your relationship status.  Rather, it offers a means to create the relationship and marriage you want.  All couples bring unique personalities, expectations and behaviors to their relationships.  These singular traits create the very special dynamic of your particular marriage, both good and bad. 

Choosing to enter Intensive Marital Intervention provides you the opportunity to regain the previous connection which led to your initial commitment to be together.  Through individual and joint sessions, it will provide guidance in understanding yourself, your life skills, your methods of communication and interaction and how all impact your marriage.  This, in turn, can offer an alternative perspective on how you view both yourself, your partner and your marriage, and aide in overcoming the pain, hurt and frustration you are currently experiencing. 

Your choice to accept the tools offered, both individually and as a couple, will recognize each of you with your singular traits, characteristics and needs.  The tools and recommendations offered will lead to an increased level of intimacy, emotionally and sexually, and the subsequent opportunity to heal, renew and rebuild and, perhaps, even reinvent your marriage, re-establishing your shared love and goals.


How the Intensive is scheduled:

To maximize the introduction session between you, as a couple, and your therapist, the initial visit will be scheduled as a “double” at a minimum of two hours.  This allows for a more complete exchange of information and the creation of a plan to assist you in moving forward toward the successful outcome you hope to achieve.

Proceeding from the initial session, scheduling can be done over a couple of weekends – the model is flexible, and timing can be customized to an individual’s needs.

To enroll, please complete the attached form:

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