Our professionally trained, fully NY-State licensed psychotherapists have been providing CARING AND EFFECTIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY for individuals, couples, families and children on Long Island, and in the NY Metro area, for over 25 years.  Whether you are seeking to improve the quality of your life, or to make lasting changes in partner, family, parent-child or friendship relationships, WE CAN HELP! 

Services Offered at THE SOLUTION CENTER

Dr. Schuster and the professionals at The Solution Center are licensed by New York State at the highest levels of certification.  Dr. Schuster has been serving clients in the NY Metro Area for over 25 years, and holds licenses in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as in Clinical Social Work.  At The Solution Center, the therapeutic work is always practical and direct.  We focus on enriching lives by building connections to others, through improving skills in communication, empathy  and understanding, and by helping clients identify and resolve underlying issues.

Your health and safety are our greatest concerns. We are able to offer all psychotherapy services, both in-person and via HIPAA-compliant video sessions. Call us at 516-650-6478.